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Revolucion Cocktail is the brainchild of three men from France: Sebastien Bonnefoi, Geoffrey Gayton, and Thomas Gauthier. Sebastien Bonnefoi is the founder of Bar Rouge in Shanghai (2004) and of Urban Bar (2008), a bartending school and consulting service.


Now Open

Gaining inspiration in Havana Cuba, Sebastien and his partners opened the first Revolucion Cocktail in Shanghai’s former French Concession in October 2012. Since then they have also opened in Guangzhou (November 2013), Xiamen (November 2014), Chengdu (March 2016), and the first international location, Bangkok Thailand (May 2015) with great success by also connecting with local partners. More locations in Southeast Asia are slated for 2017 and 2018.

What Is Revolucion?

Revolucion Cocktail is at the forefront of delivering authentic cocktails, from classics like the Mojito, Daiquiri or twisted rum Old Fashion, to their popular signature drink, the Revolucion Cocktail and other originals such as the citrusy Pink Shadow. We also offer fantastic entertainment on busy nights that include working flair and sometimes even a fire show.

Join The Family

We do so with an extensively trained and highly skilled staff of bartenders. By employing both locals and foreigners in each location, we offer comfortable and personal service to all of our customers. The Latin theme and colorful decor offer something fresh and innovative in every city we occupy. You’ll always feel welcome at Revolucion Cocktail because we're like a big family.

Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible