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Two Year Anniversary – Guangzhou


Two Year Anniversary – Guangzhou

发表于 2015-11-16

这是罪犯的派对!来广州Revolucion Cocktail,12月5日,广州-25 to Life派对!这是我们的两周年店庆!是时候装扮成警察和强盗了!来体验你从未见过的疯狂派对了!就在兴盛路!准备好被搜身吧!

It’s a party of criminal proportions! Come and commit a crime at Revolucion Cocktail Guangzhou’s 25 to Life party on December 5, it’s our 2 Year Anniversary! It’s time to dress up like cops or robbers for the craziest theme party Xingsheng Lu has ever seen! Get ready for your pat down!

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